Wedding flowers with purple sweet romance


Symbolizes fidelity and romance in love, but in the current popular view, purple to dark-sen allegedly reformed. Not only that, the purple is not only difficult but also cocoons users in combination with other colors to bring out the beauty and efficiency as standard. So, considering the different tones of red, white or pink, purple is rarely used in the wedding, especially served with wedding gowns and flowers.


However, the trend of modern weddings is constantly breakthrough, to overcome all limitations and boldly explore the new way to break stereotypes and bring a completely different effect. And that’s when you will be amazed at the beauty of the fragile, delicate but extremely fancy of the wedding bouquet of purple tones.


Most of the purple flowers are not much popular in Vietnam, except purple lilies, roses or heath violet purple. With the remaining flowers, to purple, mainly you have to choose the flower shop with flowers imported from a foreign country. Exotic beauty of the purple wedding bouquet is in the difference, “to lemon” of the flowers from this strange land.


For not boring and monotonous, you can coordinate with each other violet shades, made harmonious beauty for your wedding bouquet. Purple inherently quite picky color should coordinate with a bouquet this is easy, simple and consistent and most effective for you.


In addition, coordination with the flowers purple flowers baby or pure white salem, or flan cups along the blue light is also quite creative combinations, interesting and beautiful.

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