The photos speak colorless


The development of digital technology increasingly allows humans to extend their ability to observe, capture and save, preserve each moment in life. For about twenty years, the arrival of digital cameras, smart phones, and much of the technology flycam photo editing software, video editing various help people not only record, but also can edit, change or even create bogus shots. But some things never change, and nothing can replace it, despite the erosion of time. And in the field of photography, though technology has crowned color photos anywhere, people still find love the black and white shoot.


Not black and white image is the first step in the development of photographic technology. When science and technology constantly evolving, it is possible engrossed pursuit color image, tinkering can learn how to create a series of touch color, blend different colors for digital photos. But black and white photos always have its own attraction, thanks to the messages the rich meaning that images can not convey color is.


Every wedding album at Black Pooka, can vary in location, style or idea. But to add depth, we always pay attention in addition to black and white photoshoot colorless, especially with photo corners deep, impressive. The primary advantage of black and white photos are in the focus of attention of the viewer into expressive, emotions of the two characters more, instead of just admiring the color of the image of water.


Since then, black and white photos helps both the protagonist and photographer has the opportunity to express ideas and my feelings more. Color can not fresh, eye-catching, but emotions are true and full. Therefore, Black Pooka often create black and white photos with close-angle, fully express the love and attachment of the bride and groom.

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