Nail Ideas for more sophisticated bride


When consulting outfit for the bride, more often for advice stylist as follows: not to decorate or paint the nails. The reason for this advice is that the stylist in case, many years later, when the trend nail or paint color that has run out “hot”, the bride will rustic look, ludicrous. However, if you know how to choose paint colors and matching décor, the bride can still avoid this error.
As bride nail drawing below is an example. By decorating a miniature pair on his hands, the bride has the wedding theme is emphasized, has shown its youth, its lovely. Later, when we look back, this is still an interesting idea, but not backward.


As love is never lost, tiny hearts pictures on finger bride will never be out of fashion. To the backdrop for this bright red heart, bride chose a copper base coat is plush.


To attract the look on his ring finger, the bride below have applied radical contrast effect. Unique silver colored ring finger makes sparkling crown definition of wedding ring.


Rock embankment is also a way for fingers dance without fear of rustic. Asymmetric vertical design around the edge manicure nail will sparkle and bring a modern look of surprise.


Two colors red and white are always trendy. Let’s use them to design yourself a manicure lovely retro style like later!

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